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Stent platform optimized for delivery to the coronary lesion. Largest cell openings and lowest longitudinal stent deformation of 2nd Generation DES

• Pushability

• Trackability

• Cell opening diameter

• Longitudinal compression

* Product only available in Honduras

BioMatrix Alpha™

BioMatrix Alpha ™ presents the best stent platform design in its class with a unique pro-healing coating from the pioneer in biodegradable abluminal technology.

It combines the proven safety of a DES with an abluminal biodegradable polymer, the proven efficacy of BA9 ™ and an innovative design of a chrome-cobalt stent platform.


Powerline ™ advanced catheter technology is designed to offer the right balance of PUSH, TRACK and CROSS to ensure optimal placement and expansion of the balloon:

• Push
The PTFE coated hypotube in combination with the transition of the power stylet on the central axis provides the right balance between the pushing capacity and the tracking capacity.

• Track
The combination of the Slip-X ™ hydrophilic coating and the flexible distal shaft ensure excellent traceability and cross-ability for complex lesions or tortuous anatomy.

• Cross
The flexible section of the low profile tip with a smooth transition and short adhesion offers a gradual increase towards the ball to facilitate the entry of the lesion.